Camera Gimbals

To start off my blog I wanted to take a look at gimbal stabilizers as I'm wanting to get one when I upgrade my gear. I recently started volunteering as a photographer for a wildlife rescue that has tigers, lions, foxes, ant eaters and several other animals.  When I saw their web page, it looks good but my mind started racing with all the possibilities we can do with a gimbal and a DSLR.

One of the ones the hit me first was the DJI Ronin-S, I first saw this when Peter McKinnon on YouTube (  By the way, if you're not following him get on it, he is a great photographer and filmmaker.  Ok, back to the Ronin-S, right now its still on pre-order and looks to be an outstanding gimbal coming in at $699 USD on B&H.  Boasting a 12 hour battery life, eight pound payload capacity and a focus wheel.  As always anyhing from DJI has good build quality and from the reviews I've seen it looks great. 

Next on up is the Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2, this one sports a OLED display, 12-18 hr. battery life, quick release camera plate and supports up to 7 lbs. This comes in at $599 at B&H, only a supports a pound less than DJI and you have some money. Also at B&H when you throw this in your cart you get a free $129 focus motor for the Crane-2!  I've seen a few reviews of the Crane-2 and it looks to be just as good as the DJI.  Even though its only $100 less than the DJI its a little more budget friendly.  Given that I'm going to be upgrade my whole rig soon I need to save money where I can so I more thank likely will be getting this one.

For my first blog post I wanted to keep it a little short and hear from you guys what gimbals you use and what you think of the Ronin-S and the Crane-2 or what you may be using.

In the future I'm going to be posting about images that I've been working, new tech that comes out and as I grow, hopefully getting businesses like B&H, and other so send me products to review. Right now, one thing at a time and I'm very interested to hear your thoughts and comments on this first post.